• Mission Statement

    Millburn CCSD #24 Exists to create a culture of learning that

    inspires and empowers students to enrich our community.

     Location:  Millburn Elementary School (MES)


    Millburn C. C. School District 24


    Regular Meeting

    May 24, 2021

    7:00 PM     


    1. Call to Order
    2. Roll Call
    3. Pledge of Allegiance
    4. Public Comments
      1. Public Participation-(Via LIVE STREAM LINK made available via District Website)
      2. Public Comment
        • Please use the link above to email the Board of Education prior to the meeting. Any public comment will be read by the Board during the public comment section of the meeting. Public comments will be received up until the beginning of the meeting at 7:00 PM on the date of the meeting, this being Monday, May 24, 2021.
    5. Addition of Non-Action Items
    6. Action Items
      1. Approve the Board of Education (BOE) Meeting Dates 2021-2022
      2. Approve the Cottonwood Estates Annual Impact Fee in the Amount of
      3. Approval to Purchase District Membership for the Lake County Educational Services Professional Development Cooperative for the 2021-2022 School Year in the Amount of $3,209
      4. Approve Amendment 2 With Arbor Management for the Summer Food Service Program Effective April 1, 2021
      5. Approve the Arbor Management Contract Renewal for the 2020-2021 School Year
      6. Approve Tentative Amended FY 2021 Budget for Public Display
      7. Approve iPad Lease and/or Purchase
      8. Consent Agenda
    • Approval of Minutes
      • Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes April 12, 2021
      • Regular Board of Education Meeting Minutes April 26, 2021
      • Personnel Report

    FMLA:               Meghan Edelmann Sept - Dec 2021
                            Danielle Butts Aug - Sept 2021

    Hires:               Laura Larson - MES Special Education Teacher 21/22 School Year
                            Anna Rodelwald - Substitute teacher; Long Term Sub for Fall FMLA 21/22 School Year
                            Stacy Bergman - 2nd Grade Teacher 21/22 School Year
                            Jack Cantle - 5th Grade Teacher 21/22 School Year

    Resignations:    Ellyson Martens - MES Special Ed Paraprofessional End of 20/21 School Year
                            Christie Hutson - MMS Psychologist End of 20/21 School Year
                            Gianna Heelan - 5th Grade Teacher End of 20/21 School Year
                            Anna Rodewald - MES Special Ed Paraprofessional End of 20/21 School Year

    Retirements:      Kelly Chamernik - MES Learning Disabilities Teacher End of 2026/27 School Year

    Extended School Year Teachers:

                           Dana Booker
                           Jen Allie
                           Kayla Radtke
                           Kelly Chamernik
                           Sandra Hessing
                           Sarah Blue

    Extended School Year Paraprofessionals:
                        Caitlin Bethancourt
                        Cindy Sodt
                        Dawn Swindle
                        Dianna Cajka
                        Emric Montano
                        Jo-Elle Kincaid
                        Joanne O'Brien
                        Joe Lisy
                        Karen Ende
                        Linda Smith
                        Sally Miksch

    Summer School Session 1 Teachers:
                      Aaron Lacey
                      Abbigail House
                      Amy Sooley
                      Andrea Frank
                      Brigid Tuley
                      Cathy Coleman
                      Erica Miller
                      Erin Aunet
                      Erin Lackey
                      Hannah Metzelaar
                      Jennifer Fritsch
                      Julie Murray
                      Kelly Clendening
                      Kelsie Loumeau
                      Laura Klier
                      Lisa Anderson
                      Lisa Jazo
                      Maureen Catalano
                      Meghan Edelmann
                      Rebecca Tallian
                      Sandra Cliffgard

    Summer School Session 1 Paraprofessional:
                         Patti Wescott

    Summer School Session 2 Teachers:
                       Aaron Lacey
                       Amy Sooley
                       Andrea Frank
                       Brigid Tuley
                       Erica Miller
                       Erin Aunet
                       Hannah Metzelaar
                       Jennifer Fritsch
                       Jodi Laughman
                       Kelly Clendening
                       Kelsie Loumeau
                       Lisa Anderson
                       Lisa Jazo
                       Meghan Edelmann
                       Melissa Lowrance
                       Rebecca Habetler
                       Rebecca Tallian
                       Sandra Cliffgard
                       Terri Clay
                       Tricia Phelan
    Summer School Session 2 Paraprofessional:
                      Patti Wescott

    1. Information/Discussion
      1. Summer School
      2. District Goals 2020-2021
      3. Remote Learning Update
      4. Summer 2021 Asbestos Floor Tile Abatement 
      5. FOIA Requests
        • Joe Sutton

    A digital copy (PDF) of the following documents: The district’s current website and/or content management system (CMS) provider contract; the district’s current alerts and/or emergency notification provider contract; the district’s current mobile app provider contract, and the district’s current learning management system (LMS) provider contract.

    1. Future Agenda Items
      1. Press Policy Updates
      2. Phone System Update
      3. Approval of the District Consolidated Plan
      4. Approve the Title I, Title IIa, & Title IVa Grants
      5. Approve School Lunch Fees for the 2021-22 School Year
    2. Superintendent Report
    3. Business Office Report
    4. Board Report
    5. Adjourn to Closed Session
    6. Return to Open Session
    7. Action Items
    8. Adjournment