• Mission Statement

    Millburn CCSD #24 Exists to create a culture of learning that inspires and empowers students to enrich our community.


    Millburn C. C. School District 24


    Committee of the Whole Meeting 

    May 8, 2017

    7:00 p.m. 

    Millburn Middle School • 640 Freedom Way • Lindenhurst • IL




    I. Call to Order

    II. Roll Call 

    III. Pledge of Allegiance

    IV. Public Comments - Board Members will accept presentations under advisement. No action will be taken at this time. See handout for speaker guidelines.  

    V. Addition of Information/Discussion Items 

    VI. Information/Discussion

    1.Budget Amendment

    2.First Reading of Board Policy 2:125 Board Member Expenses and Resolution to Regulate Expense Reimbursements

                    3.     First Reading of Board Policy 5:60 General Personnel - Expenses

    4.1:1 iPad Update

    5.Science Curriculum Update K-5

    6.Social Studies Curriculum Update K-5


    A.Depository (currently State Bank of the Lakes)

    B.Treasurer (currently Gary White)

    C.Legal Counsel (currently Hodges, Loizzi, Eisenhammer, Rodick & Kohn-HLERK)

    D.Publisher for Legal Notices (currently Daily Herald)

    VII. Board Reports       

    VIII. Superintendent Report                 

    IX. Business Office Report 

    X. Future Agenda Items

    1.Cottonwood Estates Annual Impact Fee

    XI. Adjourn to Closed Session

    XII. Adjournment