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    New Illinois Law
    Under House Bill 3586 (PA 101-05015), Parents/Guardians have the ability to request related service logs indicating dates/times of services provided through their child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Service logs will be maintained throughout the year and made available at IEP meetings and when requests are received in writing.

    Child Find is an ongoing process through which all children, from birth through 21 (i.e., through the day before the student’s 22nd birthday), who may be eligible for early intervention, or who may be in need of special education services are identified, located and evaluated.
    Each school district is responsible for actively locating, identifying, and evaluating all children who live within the district boundaries who may qualify to receive special education and/or related services. 

    A request for an initial educational evaluation may also be made by a parent of a child or by an employee of a State educational agency, another State agency, a local educational agency, or a community service agency.  Within 14 school days of receiving a request for an evaluation, the district shall determine whether an evaluation is warranted.  If the district determines not to conduct an evaluation, it shall provide written notice to the parents in accordance with 34 CFR 300.503(b).  If an evaluation is to be conducted, the district shall convene a team of individuals (including the parent) having the knowledge and skills necessary to administer and interpret evaluation data.  The composition of the team will vary depending on the nature of the child's symptoms and other relevant factors.  The team shall identify the assessments necessary to complete the evaluation in accordance with 34 CFR 300.305.

    The mission of the Special Services Department is to enable all students to benefit from a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. As mandated by federal and state legislation, Special Services provides a continuum of service options, including special education, 504 accommodations, home, and hospital education, related education services, augmentative equipment, and special transportation to qualified students living within the Millburn District.

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    Adam Rowlands, Director of Special Services
    Sherry Pooley, Administrative Assistant