Services for English Language Learners

  • Millburn School District offers a Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI), which serves English learners whose home language is one other than English. Based on the results from the prescribed language screener or the ACCESS test, TPI students receive second language support through an English transitional program and collaboration model. In the collaboration model, English learners from various language backgrounds are placed in general education classes to receive either push-in or co-teaching instruction using specific strategies for English learners. In the pull-out model, English Language Learners are pulled out in a small group for reading and/or math intervention.

    District 24 encourages its general education teachers to earn ESL endorsements. When an ESL endorsed teacher is available, TPI students at that grade level are placed in the ESL-endorsed teacher's classroom. The TPI teacher leaders then collaborate with those ESL classroom teachers to ensure the TPI students' language needs are being met, differentiation is occurring, ESL is properly incorporated into the general education setting in all content areas, and that the TPI students are making progress in the English language.