• October 9, 2020




    * Fever 100.4 and above

    * New Cough

    * Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    * Fatigue from unknown cause

    * Muscle/body aches and/or chills

    * New onset of moderate to severe Headache from unknown cause

    * New loss of taste or smell

    * Sore throat

    * Nausea or vomiting 

    * Diarrhea


    Students with COVID -19 like symptoms, who do not provide a healthcare provider’s note (from office visit dated the day sent home or later) documenting an exam and an alternative diagnosis (Strep., Flu A/B, allergies, etc). MUST complete 10 calendar days of isolation from the date of first symptom onset, and be fever-free for 24 hours without use of fever-reducing medications prior to return. All other symptoms must be improved/gone before returning to school. 


    ALL siblings of the ill student (even if feeling well) will be sent home also. If a COVID test is chosen NOT to be done on the ill student, the siblings must also isolate for 10 days. If the ill student is cleared to return to school (ie. Dr’s note, negative COVID test), the siblings may also return.


    If a COVID test (PCR preferred, not rapid) is done on the ill student and is negative, a copy of the result needs to be sent to the Health Office. The student will then be able to return to class the day after the negative result as long as all symptoms are improved/gone. Any siblings that were sent home are not required to be COVID tested and may return the same day as long as they are not having symptoms. 

    IMPORTANT: If your child was EXPOSED (within 6 feet, mask or no mask, for more than 15 minutes cumulative in one day) to a COVID-19 positive student and has been sent home from school, they will need to remain at home for 10 days even if they have received and provided the health office with a negative COVID test result.