Mission Statement

    Millburn CCSD #24 Exists to create a culture of learning that

    inspires and empowers students to enrich our community.

    Location:  Millburn Elementary School • 18550 Millburn Road • Wadsworth, IL


    Millburn C. C. School District 24


    Regular Meeting

    February 26, 2018
    7:00 P.M.


         1.         Call to Order

         2.         Roll Call

         3.         Pledge of Allegiance

         4.         Public Comments 

         5.         Addition of Non-Action Items

         6.         Presentation – 7th Grade Tech

         7.         Action

    a.              Approve Professional and School Related Personnel (PSRP) Contract 

    b.              Approve Board Expenses Related to Housing and Travel Expenses (Triple I Conference, November 2017), Board Trainings, and Architect Search totaling $4,108.09

    c.              Approve Purchase of Plow Truck for $39,771.00

    d.              Approve Staffing Levels to 102.11 FTE (.2 FTE higher than 2016-17; Increase of 2.364 FTE higher than 2017-18)

    e.              Fees for 2018-19 School Year

    o   Registration

    o   Activities and Clubs

    o   iPad Protection Plan and Loss/Damage Fees

    o   Activity Bus

    o   Facilities Use

                    f.                Consent Agenda

                                           o   House Lease Extension for Mariana Bibian from 7/01/17 to 6/30/18

    o   Approval of Minutes

    Regular Meeting of January 22, 2018

    Committee of the Whole Meeting of February 12, 2018

    Closed Session Meeting of February 12, 2018

    o   Treasurer’s Report and Approval

      Bill Approval and Payment Authorization

    o   Activity Account

    o   Personnel Report


            Terri Zemaitis – 1.0 FTE Kindergarten Associate


    Chelsea Montague – MBAC Counselor

    Caitlin Bethancourt – 1.0 FTE Paraprofessional

    Keerthi Singal – Substitute Teacher                 

        8.        Information/Discussion                         

        9.        Future Agenda Items

    o   Selection of Architect of Record

    o   Summer Projects 2018 (April BOE)

    10.       Board Report

    11.       Superintendent Report

    12.       Business Office Report

    13.       Adjourn to Closed Session

    14.       Adjournment