• Each year students will experience quaver lessons strategically picked for their grade level. 

    3rd Grade – in order to be prepared for big decisions in 4th grade, our 3rd graders spend their time with Quaver learning all about the musical instrument families.  This unit of quaver features:

    • The Woodwind Family
    • The Brass Family
    • The Percussion Family
    • Guitars & Fretted instruments
    • The Keyboard Family
    • Vocals

    By studying these topics, our students will be better prepared to decide whether they’d like to join band, choir, both, or neither once they reach 4th grade!


    5th Grade – for our final year in Quaver, our 5th grader wrap-up their experience with lessons in musical time periods and musical styles.  These units include:

    • The Baroque Period
    • The Classical Period
    • The Romantic Period
    • The Impressionist Period
    • Blues
    • Rock
    • Reggae
    • Country

    Upon reaching middle school, our students will have been exposed to a wide array of musical styles and genres.


    1st, 2nd, and 4th Grades – Over these three grades, our students will experience the widely encompassing first unit of Quaver including:

    • Beat
    • Meter
    • Tempo
    • Rhythm
    • Duration
    • Pitch
    • The Grand Staff
    • The Musical Alphabet
    • Lines & Spaces
    • Notes & Rests
    • Writing Rhythms
    • Writing a Song
    • Dynamics
    • Articulation
    • Chords & Harmony
    • Form

    Such a wide array of musical subject takes time over multiple grade levels to cover.