3B'S Star of the Week

    2019-2020 School Year
    Mrs. Konicki will be the first "Star of the Week" in 3B.  She will explain and show the students what they will be doing when it is their turn to be "our star".  This is a great way to get to know their classmates and learn things they never knew.  Mrs. Konicki will send everything with home with your child one week prior to them being "our star".

    Please bring in completed poster to share with the class.  If you would also like to bring in some pictures, that would be great. 


    Please copy your poem on the attached form and share it with the class. You will read the poem to the class and then we will add it to our class book.

    Great websites to use:

    Current Event

    Share a Current Event with the class.

    Friday- We will write your Star Student a friendly letter.  We will compile it into a book that your star can take home!!!

    Great websties to use:

    Friday- Friendship/ Parent Letter

    Dear Parents-
    Please write a letter to your child and send it to school in a sealed envelope.  I will read the letter to the class.  Here are a lists of ideas you may want to include:
    - write a poem about your child
    - tell us something we may not know about your child
    - tell us your favorite memory with your child