3C's Star of the Week

  • Star of the Week
    Star of the Week is a great way for our class to get to know each other. The kids enjoy being the center of attention for the week, plus they get to tell us all about themselves!
    Each Friday one student will be chosen to take home the Star of the Week bag. This bag will explain what the Star of the Week needs to complete. They will bring all of the papers and pictures back to school on Monday. During the week the student will have an opportunity to share about themselves each day. 
     Here is our Star of the Week Schedule:
    Monday-Share your All About Me (the paper will be provided)
    Tuesday-Bring 3-5 pictures of your family or friends to share
    Wednesday-Choose a book to read to the class 
    Thursday-Choose your class job for the day
    Friday-Your classmates will write you special letters for your special week

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