• Reading/Language Arts

    Storyline Online - Hollywood personalities read aloud children's stories. When the kids are asked to select an internet speed, just tell them to click on the bottom choice. When the story opens to see a large presentation click on the full screen button on the right.


    Interactive Math Manipulatives - For math concepts that are hard to grasp, try these interactive manipulatives that will help you "see" what you need to know.

    Math Cats - Like no other math site on the Web! This site really makes learning math fun for kids. From wild, cat-based interactive animations that explain statistics to exciting projects you can do at home, this site is a winner

    ABC Education - The games on this Web site are geared to younger children, with fancifully-illustrated exercises to help them grasp basic number concepts. Addition, subtraction, and number recognition are conveyed through cartoons of everyday activities such as bowling, boarding a bus, and visiting the beach

    Cool Math 4Kids - This "amusement park for math" makes learning fun. There are games to play that will sharpen your math skills as well as sections for teachers and parents. NOTE: At the bottom of the page is a link for 3-5 year olds!

    Lizard Point - MATH FACTS!! Students can practice online and print results which is a great way for them to know what facts they need to practice. Or, you can generate math fact worksheets (with answer sheets available).


    The Great Plant Escape - This page was developed by the University of Illinois. It has step by step "Plant Mysteries" for your students to solve. Each "case" has goals, background, activities, and self-quizzes.

    Electronic Zoo - An amazing list of animal-related computer resources. Check and see if your favorite animals have been digitized!


    Haring Kids - This site creates a colorful and compelling whirlwind of art, with beautiful images.


    Kids Health - This site helps parents, children, and professionals find answers to commonly asked health questions. Topics include the benefits of different types of vitamins, the food pyramid, healthy children's recipes, how to read food labels, and keeping fit. Children can also submit their own questions. Check out the "Childhood Infections" section under "Parents" for information about appendicitis, meningitis, mumps, and more. For a good laugh, be sure to read the entry about that most common of all childhood afflictions, cooties. A great site, but be patient.

    All Subject Areas

    Enchanted Learning - This fun site for kids is packed with educational tidbits. The topics covered range from dinosaurs to explorers. You could easily find sites on dozens of subjects that you would like to book mark for your students.

    National Geographic for Kids - This relates largely to Science and Social Studies, but covers many topics. Its worth taking a look at often, because they change their featured articles and activities regularly.

    Fun Brain - One of the best online sites for kids, this site provides excellent games for different subject areas.  Teachers can also create quizzes that kids can take.

    Primary Games - A website dedicated to providing games for all subjects.  You can also find online stories and activities for children to work on. Nicely designed website!

    Gamequarium - Game links for grades K-6 relating to all curricular areas and more!