Internet Resources PreK-1

  •  Grades PreK-1


    Starfall This is a very comprehensive site. It is especially useful because it allows students to participate in leveled reading activities: Introductions to Letters and Sounds; Early Beginning Reader; Intermediate Beginning Reader; and Early Beginning Reader to Advanced.

    Storyline Online Hollywood personalities read aloud children's stories. When the kids are asked to selet an internet speed, just tell them to click on the bottom choice. When the story opens to see a large presentation click on the full screen button on the right.

    Clifford's Road to Reading Read and play games with Clifford the Big Red Dog to earn your license to read!

    Story Place Children’s digital library full of online stories, online activities, printable activities, and book lists for children divided into preschool and elementary ages.

    Reading Comprehension Activities Click on the appropriate grade level under “sub-directories” to access many reading comprehension activities.


    Interactive Math Manipulatives For math concepts that are hard to grasp, try these interactive manipulatives that will help you "see" what you need to know.

    Count Us InThe games on this Web site are geared to younger children, with fancifully-illustrated exercises to help them grasp basic number concepts. Addition, subtraction, and number recognition are conveyed through cartoons of everyday activities such as bowling, boarding a bus, and visiting the beach

    Cool Math 4Kids This "amusement park for math" makes learning fun. There are games to play that will sharpen your math skills as well as sections for teachers and parents. NOTE: At the bottom of the page is a link for 3-5 year olds!

    Math Lizard MATH FACTS!! Students can practice online and print results which is a great way for them to know what facts they need to practice. Or, you can generate math fact worksheets (with answer sheets available). 


    Dance Mat Typing Teaches students the basics of keyboarding using the correct fingers on home row.


    Interactive Coloring Book Making use of cutting-edge animation plug-ins like shockwave and flash, this site creates a colorful and compelling whirlwind of art, with beautiful images

    All Subjects

    Fun Brain One of the best online sites for kids, this site provides excellent games for different subject areas.  Teachers can also create quizzes that kids can take.

    Primary Games A website dedicated to providing games for all subjects.  You can also find online stories and activities for children to work on. Nicely designed website!

    PBS Kids PBS website for young children that contains music, games, coloring, and links to popular PBS show websites including Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood which contains a tour of his house, the neighborhood, and songs.!

    Peep and the Big Wide World This site, which features Flash-based games starring Peep and his friends, entices three-to-five-year-olds to explore science. While kids may be having too much fun to realize it, these games will help them learn to estimate distances, mix colors, exercise their memory, and explore basic physics.

    Kids.Gov It provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject. Explore, learn, have fun! No pop up adds, and the content is screen for appropriate materials.

    1st Grade Skill Builders This is a great place to find interacitive sites by skill. The page has math and reading activities all divided by cateigories such as "vowel blends", "phonics knowledge" etc. It also subdivides math skills

    Gamequarium Game links for grades K-6 relating to all curriular areas and more!