Intro to class




    Mrs. Parkman’s classroom information:                                                  

    -       Contact Information: Parent/Teacher communication is very important!  Please feel free to contact me via email.  I will get back to you at my earliest break.


    -       Classroom Phone number: 847/356-8331 ext. 4823.


    -       Classroom Website:  Go to, click on Teacher Websites and click on Mrs. Parkman.  This link will allow you to email me and also take you to our classroom web page where you will find information about upcoming events, homework, etc.


    -       PBIS-Classroom Rules:  These rules allow us to have a safe, fun learning environment.  We do our part by:


    1.   Listening carefully

    2.  Following directions

    3.  Working quietly

    4.  Respect others, their property, and our school

    5.  Work and play safely

    6.  Use inside voices and manners


    -       I run my classroom using the Love & Logic principles.  Each child in my class is unique, and any behavior problem will be handled in an appropriate manner.  Students earn red tickets all over the building and busses for doing their part.  On Friday, they can use their tickets to shop in the treasure box, or enter raffles.  I also have a class “marble jar” that when filled by doing their part as a class, can be used for PJ days, extra recess, etc. 


    -       “Home” Folders:  Your child is to take any mail, papers, notes, and other work home in their green “Home” folders.  It is also their responsibility to bring these folders back to school the next day, and turn in any notes or homework.  The green folder is also a good way to keep in touch with me.  There may be some days when I will not have time to check my email, so anything coming to school in the green folder will be seen for sure.  There may be some nights your child will not have anything in their folders, but we want your child to keep in the routine of bringing it home and returning it every day.


    -       Snack:  At around 9:00 each day, your child may have a snack.  Snacks are preferred to be healthy and low in sugar.  Your child is also allowed to keep a water bottle on his/her desk if needed. Only water may be kept in the classroom, other beverages are allowed in the cafeteria.


    -       There are children with peanut allergies in our class this year.  Be sure not to send a snack or treats containing nuts.


    -       If your child is having a birthday party and would like to bring in invitations, there must be one for every child in the class.  If not, you must make other arrangements outside of school for the children to get them. Look at the "Birthday Celebrations At Millburn" tab on this page to find out more info about acceptable ways to celebrate with our class.


    -       Book Clubs: Book club order forms are sent out once a month.  The clubs we order from are Scholastic and Scholastic Software.  These clubs compliment your child’s reading progress in school and support the growth of our classroom library by providing bonus points to order new books for free.


    -       Library:  Your child will visit the media center once a week for a read-aloud and/or on activity, however, he/she can visit the media center any morning to return and check out books.


    -       Busses/Pick-ups:  If your child will be going home in a different manner, you must send a note to school.  They will not be sent home any differently unless the office has been notified.  You must contact the office 847-356-8331 if there are any last minute changes.  Please do not call my voice mail, as it is not checked sometimes until after school hours.


    -       Lunch/Milk tickets: You can order lunch and milk tickets on the Millburn website, or send the check and order form to me in your child’s green folder.  New order forms will be sent home when there are 2 lunches left on the ticket.


    Thank you so much!

    Mrs. Parkman