Crazy for Box Tops

  • We have added an additional collection method to the TLC program.  We are calling it “Crazy For Box Tops”!  This is separate from our quarterly collections and will be handled by the TLC Committee.  Families can use this link:  ( to print off a box top collection sheet, glue box tops on, and send it in to your child’s classroom teacher.  There are many choices of sheets ranging from sports, to ABC’s, seasons, education, or generic.  Please choose the collection sheet(s) you like best!  Children can print as many as they want and submit them to their classroom. We will provide the classroom teachers with a paper gift bag to hold the sheets.  Once a month (the 3rd Monday) the sheets will be collected (sent to the LRC) and a school wide drawing will be held through the PART MART CART.  The child’s sheet that is chosen will win something from the PART MART CART.  The box tops glued to these papers will not be included in the classroom counts.  This is a separate activity.  Our school will still receive money from Box Tops for these papers.  It is our hope to increase the money we can raise for our children.