Birthday Celebration at Millburn

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    Birthdays at Millburn!

    Your child’s birthday is an exciting event for you and for them. School can help

    promote a positive learning environment by providing healthy celebrations that shift the focus from the food to the child. In order to continue our approach to safe and healthy eating, we are adopting a non-edible approach to celebrating birthdays. We certainly don’t discourage birthday cake at home! We believe that families can choose to celebrate birthdays in their own traditions at home. This new policy is meant to provide a healthier and safer school environment. This policy also gives parents more control of their own child’s food consumption.

    *This means food will no longer be accepted in the classrooms to celebrate a birthday.
    Listed below are some possible ways we look forward to celebrating with your child here at school:

    Come Read a Book to the Class: We welcome parents, grandparents, other family members or special friends to visit the classroom and read a book to the class. Please contact your child’s teacher a week or more before the birthday to arrange a time that will work for you both. Email is best.

    A Gift for the Classroom: Purchase a gift for the classroom, wrap it and the teacher will have your child unwrap the gift and share it with the class. Some ideas include: board game, card game, puzzle, book, or something on the teacher’s “wish-list.” Gifts should be sent with your child to school. You may contact the teacher for other suggestions too. Email is best.

    Non-Edible Items: Send in non-edible items such as a pencil, eraser, stickers, a little puzzle, book, small notebook, small pencil sharpener, or yo-yo. Items should be sent with your child to school. Please contact your child’s teacher ahead of time to let him/her know your idea. Email is best.

    Favorite Book: Have your child bring in his/her favorite book to share with the class. Your child or the teacher can read it. Please contact your teacher ahead of time to make arrangements. Email is best.

    Please know that all teachers have a special way of celebrating birthdays in their classroom. Healthy celebrations are an important part of providing a healthy school environment. They promote positive lifestyle choices and reduce student risks and improve learning.