• Art Curriculum Overview

    In Millburn’s K-5 art program students are taught a wide range of skills and concepts. As students progress through each grade level they are exposed to more sophisticated concepts and skills and techniques used for the production of art.

    Throughout the school year each grade level will learn about specific artists and how they have influenced the art of today. Students will study the art of many different people and regions around the world and the role it plays in their culture. They will also learn how our own culture can be reflected through art.

    Through the production of artwork students get the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of elements and principles of art and design. Students get to explore a wide range of art making processes and techniques.

    While many projects have a centralized theme and objective, students get to exercise their creative decision making skills through each art project.

     For a full description of what is being taught in the art room please regularly visit Millburn’s art website.


    Visual Arts Curriculum