Reading and Daily 5

  • Scott Foresman Reading Curriculum
    OCT. 9-13

    Weekly Question:  How do animals help people?

    Story of the week: Pig in a Wig

    Genre: Fantasy

    Phonics Skill: short i, final x

    Comprehension Skill: Realism vs. Fantasy

    High Frequency Words: and  take  up


    Daily 5 Centers for Oct. 9-13

    Read to Someone: (This station has been removed because students have difficulty focusing on the story, and talk with their buddy instead.)  We will try to earn back this station by building up their stamina to focus, again, in this area.  

    Read to Self: books from personal book drawer, classroom library books.

    Word Work:  write word wall words 5 times, rainbow words, dice roll words, word shapes, etc.

    Work on Writing: Choose one of the three choices:  1. Write about an animal that helps you.  2.  Write about how you helped an animal.  3.  Write about a pet.

    Listen to Reading: Raz-Kids, EPIC


               SPELLING WORDS             


    BLUE LIST                                  YELLOW LIST         

     did                                                                dinner

    sit                                                                    inside

    fix                                                                    quit

    wig                                                                 stand

    pin                                                                  visit








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