Weekly Spelling List

  • Spelling List for November 13, 2015

    Spelling List

    Blue ListYellow ListGreen List

    Highlighted Words are important 1st Grade Sight Words-Please practice reading and writing them!

    A pretest of the blue and yellow list will be given every Monday.  Spelling words are listed on the left side of the homework sheet each week.  Please practice these words several times during the week.

    At home activities:

    • write them three times each
    • stair or pyramid write
    • write them, mix-up the letters, then fix them

    The Spelling Post-test will be given every Friday. (Unless we have no school on Friday, then I will give it on Thursday).

    Starting in November, the students will be given two sentences that will include grammar and spelling skills we have learned so far.  

    Sentences need to include:
    • Appropriate capitals
    • Appropriate punctuation
    • Spaces between words
    • Previously learned sight words spelled correctly