Sixth Grade Home Work

  • Please check this site for any home work that has been assigned. Normally I do not assign daily homework, and many of the projects will be done online.  If you should have any questions, feel free to contact me at  I check my emails frequently, but generally not after 9:00 p.m.

    During the quarter, Sixth Grade students will be working on their typing skills through the program All The Right Type.  Your child can access this program through the school website:  Then they can click on the Technology button, then click on Technology for Middle School, and then click on All The Right Type for Middle School.  Each student has their log in information to access the site.  

    Improving typing skills is fundamental in your child's 21st Century Skills and will be useful throughout their life.  Your student will be taught the correct typing posture, shown home row keys, and work on accuracy before speed.  You will find a copy of the rubric used to grade your child under Forms. Please encourage them as they work on these skills.

    The students will also be addressing Internet Safety.  The internet can be quite helpful and informative, but students need to understand the safety they should take when on the internet both at school and at home.

    QR Codes seem to be EVERYWHERE now!  Students will learn how to make their own QR Codes and the participate in a QR Code Scavenger Hunt!  What a fun way to learn various facts!
    Student will also be learning how to Podcast.  I have attached a list of terms they will need to have as they prepare their very own podcast under 6th Grade Files.  Once their group has been established, they will use a storyboard format to set up their script as well as use Garage Band to make their music and record their voices. They then will put everything together to create their very own podcast!

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