Social Studies

  • 2016-2017
    Social Studies
    8th Grade
    Mr. Schroeder

    Wednesday, August 31st (blue day) & Thursday, September 1st (white day)

    Students will turn in their 5 Themes of Social Studies notes.
    Students will begin 5 Themes of S.S. handout (2 pages).
    In class 
    1)research (iPad)
    4) Justify
    The handout will be homework and due on Tuesday, Sept. 6th, if not completed by the end of class on Friday.

    Thursday, Sept. 8th (blue day) & Friday, Sept 9th (white day)

    Homework: 9-11 interviews (use sheet with guide questions)
    Due: Monday (blue), Tuesday (white)
    Interview document attached below

    5 Themes of Social Studies test Wednesday, Sept 14th
    Study Guide File attached below

    Extra Study Resource: then search 5 themes of social studies

    Have a great Weekend!!

    Note: Waukegan National Airport is hosting an Air Show this Saturday, Sept, 10th Northern IL Airshow

    Sunday, September 11th
    15 year memorial of 9-11-2001
    Never Forget

    Monday, Sept. 12th (blue day) & Tuesday, Sept. 13th (white day)
    Share and discuss 9-11 interviews
    Homework: Study for test

    Wednesday, Sept. 14th (Red day)
    Test - 5 themes of social studies
    No Homework 

    Monday, September 19th (blue day) & Tuesday, September 20th (white day)
    Assignment: "Let's Roll" into ... American Heritage 101 (see attached doc)
    iPad research based
    100 pts.

    This assignment will be completed in class over the course of two days.

    No homework

    "Let's Roll Packet"  Due: Monday (Blue Day) Due: Tuesday (White Day)

    Final Draft Life Timeline: Due: Monday (Blue Day) Due: Tuesday (White Day)

    Option #1 Top to bottom (list) or Option #2 Left to right (line continuum)

    Rough Draft- Hand written
    Final Draft- Use Google Doc or Word Doc

    - Begin with your birthday (month, day, year) What happened on your birthday? Select and record a significant event (world or U.S.)

    - Each year moving forward until 2016, choose 1 significant event (world or U.S.) and one significant personal memory ANY time during that particular year.

    Friday, September 23rd (no classes)
    24 Hour Challenge

    Sept. 29th Thursday (Blue) and Sept. 30th Friday (White)
    Finish checking in and discussing American Heritage 101 packet (100 pts)

    Timelines have been checked in (check PowerSchool)
    Timelines will be discussed in small groups the last 40 minutes of class on Thursday (Blue) and Friday (White).

    Please continue to bring in political mailers and flyers from home. 
    Thank you for the many that have been brought in so far!

    Vice Presidential Debate (only one)
    Tuesday, October 4th
    Use the issue/matrix to take notes.
    Due: Wednesday (blue)
    Due: Thursday (white)

    If you are unable to watch the V.P. debate live tonight:
    option 1: View the debate online tomorrow with *issue/matrix sheet due by Thursday
    option 2: view/print off the transcripts with issue/matrix sheet due by Thursday

    * issue/matrix sheet (see word doc file below)

    Friday: No School

    Tuesday 11th /Wednesday 12th
    #2 Presidential Debate
    Critique/Note Taking

    Thursday 13th/Friday 14th
    Upfront Magazine
    Critical and Independent Thinking
    Choose 3 articles from each publication
    1) Read
    2) Summarize
    3) Reflect/Editorialize

    Political Cartoon ( on the back of the magazine)
    What is the message?
    Do you agree with the political message?
    Explain your opinion


    Monday, October 17th (blue day)
     & Tuesday, October 18th (white day)

    Political Genre 

    Parody-an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

    Satire-the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    Media bias- the bias or perceived bias of journalists and news producers within the mass media in the selection of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered.

    Protesting the National Anthem
    drawing attention to societal issues
    1st Amendment

    Wednesday (Red Day), October 19th

    Political Advertisement
    Assessing the messages and marketing schemes of
     local, State, and Federal candidates
    (see attached document)

    Positive vs. Negative Ads

    Message vs. Marketing

    Making your own political flyer
    Millburn Class President
    Keep your message and issues POSITIVE

    Tonight is the last of 3 Presidential Debates
    University of Nevada (UNLV), Las Vegas 

    Political Flyer 
    Final Draft due: 
    Monday (blue day) Tuesday (white day)
    See attached file below for requirements
    Keep your flyer positive!

    Homework: Collecting Political Advertisement Worksheet

    Wednesday, October 26th (red day)
    Primary Election
    per class (4 tables)
    Classroom Debate based on flyers

    "I respect your political views."

    Political ad/commercials
    Rough Drafts
    Thurs. (blue day) & Frid (white day)

    Monday, Oct. 31st (blue day) Tuesday, Nov. 1st
    Media Center 
    Green Screen/iPads
    Political ad/commercial
    1st take

    Wednesday, Nov. 2nd (red day)
    Last day in the Media Center
    Final Cuts

    Monday, Nov. 7th (blue)
    Tuesday, Nov. 8th (white)

    Real Clear Politics

    Creating an Electoral College Map
    Electoral College (538 electors)
    270 wins it all
    General Election Nov. 8th
    Electoral College votes Dec. 19th
    Congress (joint session) counts E.C.'s vote Jan. 6th
    President Elect takes oath of office Jan. 20th, 2017

    Tuesday, November 8th
    General Elections
    Electoral College
    Monday, Nov. 14th (blue)
    Tuesday, Nov. 15th (white)

    Quizlet - Study Link

    Friday, November 11th
    Happy Veterans Day
    Freedom isn't Free

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Monday, November 28 (blue day)
    Current Events Table 1
    Tuesday, November 29 (white day)
    Currents Events Table 1

    Monday, December 5 (blue day) 
    Same for Tuesday, December 6th (white day)
    Homework Due: 'Cover to Cover'
    Table #2 Current Event Presentation

    Current Event Presentations (week of Dec. 11th)
    Monday, December 11th (blue day)
    Tuesday, December 12th (white day)

    Chapter Outline
    Chapter 26 
    Civil Rights Era
    pages 870-901
    Wednesday (blue day) & Thursday (white day)
    Continue outlining chapter 26 Section 1 based on the outline template

    Friday, December 16th
    Bowling & Food Court

    Tuesday (blue), January 3rd
    Continue Chapter 26 Section 1 Outline
    Chapt. 26 sec.1 handouts/
    Chapt. 26 sec.1 Study Guide

    Due Thursday

    Section 1 Quiz Thursday

    8&9th Period (only) WHITE DAY
    Continue Chapter 26 Section 1 Outline Due: end of class on Friday
    Chapt. 26 sec.1 handouts/                           "                           "
    Chapt. 26 sec.1 Study Guide                        "                           "
    Section 1 Quiz - Tuesday, January 10th

    Period 8/9 White Day
    chapter 26 sec. 1 outline/online qz/handouts/study guide
    due Tuesday
    section 1 quiz Tuesday, Jan. 10th

    Current Events
    Table #4 Monday, January 10th (blue day)
    Table #4 Tuesday, January 11th (white day)

    Chapter 26
    Section 3
    Monday, Jan. 23 (blue day)
    Sec. 3 Notes Due
    Sec. 3 quiz
    Tuesday, Jan. 24 (white day)
    Sec. 3 Notes Due
    Sec. 3 quiz

    Reminder: Section materials include outline (A-H), online quiz, and study guide

    Chapter 26
    Section 4
    Thursday, Jan. 26 (blue day)
    Sec. 4 Notes Due
    Sec. 4 quiz
    Friday, Jan. 27 (white day)
    Sec. 4 Notes Due
    Sec. 4 quiz

    Reminder: Section materials include outline (A-H), online quiz, and study guide (front & back)

    A Time For Justice
    40 minutes
    Thursday-Blue day
    Friday-White day

    Chapter 26 TEST 
    Thursday, February 2nd- Blue day
    Friday, February 3rd- White day

    Chapter 26 Notes 
    Thursday -Blue day
    Friday- White day

    Review & Assessment pg. 900
    Online quiz 20 pts. code: mva-9266
    Study Guide
    Test Yourself/DBQ pg. 901

    Chapter 27
    The Vietnam Era

    Week of Feb. 6th - 10th

    Today, we begin our study of the Vietnam Era 1954-1976.

    Section 1 The War Begins Pages 902-909
    Due: Thurs. (blue), Friday (whie)

    High-use words-Define and use in an original sentence.
    Key Terms & People
    Review Questions/Check Your Progress # 1-5
    Online Quiz code: mva-9271

    Section 1 QUIZ
    Thursday, February 9th-Blue day
    Friday, February 10th-White day

    Chapter 27 Section 2
    Review q's #1-7 page 915
    Key terms & People
    High-use words
    Online quiz code: mva-9272

    DUE: Tuesday (blue day), February 21
                    Wednesday (white day), February 22
     Section 2 QUIZ

    Point of View
    Cause and Effect

    Gulf of Tonkin Incident
    Aug. 1964
    U.S. vs. N. Vietnamese version
    Which one is more plausible?
    What is the evidence to back up your conclusion?

    Thursday, Feb. 23 (blue)
    Friday, Feb. 24 (white)
    Chapter 27 Section 3
    Due Monday (blue); Tuesday (white)
    Quiz: Monday (blue); Tuesday (white)

    Chapter 27 Section 4 pgs. 924-927

    A Time of Uncertainty

    DUE: Tuesday, March 7 (blue day) & Wednesday, March 3 (white day)

    The assignments are posted on the back wall and are as follows:

    High-use words- Definition and original sentences

    Key terms and people (in blue)

    Review Questions #1-5

    Study guide and back side True & False

    Online quiz

    Section 4 Quiz 10pts
     Wednesday, March 8 (white day)

    Thursday, March 8 (blue day) 

    Preparing for CHAPTER 27 TEST

    Monday, March (blue)

    Tuesday, Mach 14 (white)

    Chapter 27 Review

    due: Monday (blue); Tuesday (white)

    Online Quiz (20 q’s); code: mva-9276

    Ch. Study guide

    Rev. & Assessment questions #1-16  pg. 930

    Test Yourself #1,2,3 pg. 931

    Document Based Questions (DBQ) 1&2 pg. 930

    If you sign out a textbook, please make sure it's returned the next morning.

    Reading in Class

    Upfront Magazine

    (PARCC Testing)


    Last Days in Vietnam

    PBS American Experience

    (in-class study; no homework)


    Monday, April 3rd

    4th Quarter

    Begin Screenplay

    Vietnam Memoirs

    Act 1

    Scenes 1-4

    Act 2

    Scenes 5-8

    Script Writing

    Rough Draft

    Due: End of class

    Monday, April 10 (blue) & Tuesday, April 11 (white)

    Print manuscripts one copy per cast member

    Dress Rehearsal

    Wednesday, April 12 & Thursday, April 13


    Act I

    Scenes 1-4

    Monday, April 24 (blue)

    Tuesday, April 25 (white)

    Act II

    Scenes 5-8

    Wednesday, April 26 (blue)

    Thursday, April 27 (white)

    Special Guest

    Friday, April 28

    Vietnam Veterans

    Paul, Don, Tom, and Monty

    Thank you for your service

    Welcome Home

    Don, Tom, Paul, & Monty

    Monday, May 1st (blue)

    Tuesday, May 2nd (white)



    Vietnam Screenplay "Vietnam Memoirs"

    IL St. Constitution test

    Thursday, May 25th (blue day)

    Friday, May 26th (white day)

    50 question

    70% (35/50) required to pass

    IL History

    Legislative Branch

    Executive Branch

    Judicial Branch

    IL Voting (page 62 due Monday (blue) Tuesday (white)

    Constitution Quiz


    Wednesday, May 17th (red day)

    QUIZLET (review)

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