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  • As school begins, we are all aware how important good study skills and work habits are for a child to be successful.  We also hear how important it is to eat healthy and nutritious meals to fuel our bodies for all of the activies we do throughout the day. But what about getting enough SLEEP?  According to the Child Mind Institute in the article, Teens and Sleep: What Happens When Teenagers Don't Get Enough Sleep, "...studies showing that 60 to 70% of American teens live with a borderline to severe sleep debt...".  Dr. Mary Carskadon suggests, that sleep deprivation, "can negatively affect teenager’s mood, ability to think, to react, to regulate their emotions, to learn and to get along with adults."  (For more information, please see the full article at:

     Adolescence is a time of major change, including hormones and brain development. These developmental changes can require more sleep than younger children or even adults, to regenerate and restore healthy physical and emotional functioning.  It is recommended that teenagers get between 9 hours and 10 hours of sleep every night.  To encourage healthy sleeping habits, make sure your child has a regular bedtime and a room that is quiet, dark, and free from distractions (i.e. TV, computer, video games).  If your child is having difficulty sleeping, talk with your pediatrician for further recommendations.  

     With healthy eating, studying, and sleeping habits children are better prepared for handling the academic and social rigors of middle school.  Encouraging enough sleep is just one more way we can help set our children up for success!!