Priority 5: Diversity

  • Millburn District #24 • Fall 2015 Planning through Fall 2017 Update
    Priority 2:  Diversity

    Benchmarks for Diversity:

    1) What did we want to accomplish? (Old Goal)

    • Create a better mirror of the community makeup with our staffing.
    • Students will have role models that represent diverse ethnicities, cultures, experiences, and disability.
    • Increase staff and student diversity, literacy, and awareness.

    2) How did we start?   

    • Searched for job fair opportunities that would increase the ethnic diversity of the candidate pool.
    • Investigated programs for increasing diversity in other school districts.
    • Investigated programs that would increase cultural awareness in staff and students.

    3) What did we do?

    • Advertised staff openings in a larger geographic area.
    • Attended a job fair that claimed to represent ethnically diverse communities.
    • Provided additional diversity training for staff and students.
    • Invested in training a staff member to be a qualified administrator for the Intercultural Developmental Inventory

    4) What have we learned?

    • Not all job fairs are productive in producing quality candidates.
    • There is an overall teacher shortage looming in IL, and a severe shortage of candidates of ethnic diversity.
    • Competition for candidates of a diverse background is stiff.
    • Our staff and students may benefit from increased intercultural experiences. 

    5) How will we know if our efforts were successful?

    • The IDI will show an increase in cultural competence amongst staff members.
    • The pool of applicants will reflect a greater diversity.
    • The staff will reflect a greater diversity.