Mission/Vision Statement

  • Millburn District #24 • Fall 2015 Planning Project

    Final Planning Session• November 9, 2015


    In five years, we will have developed, delivered, & be recognized for…

    • High-quality teachers & staff (PD, energized, innovative methods, diversity)
    • Outstanding non-core academics (electives, fine arts, foreign language)
    • Financially stable & solvent (integrity, responsible, secure, innovative)
    • Positive culture & climate (diversity, open to improvement)
    • Outstanding core academics (rigorous, relevant, strong curriculum)
    • Academically sound students that are good citizens
    • Science & technology (STEM, hands-on, progressive, meaningful)


    1. Investigate foreign language possibilities
    2. Investigate scheduling that allows band & choir to be offered during the day
    3. Reinstate curriculum director (increase admin staff or Ass't. Prin.)
    4. Increase access to technology for innovative teaching & learning
    5. Diversified teaching staff