Section 5 - Personnel

  • General Personnel

    Policy 5:139
    Off-Campus/Overnight School Activities

    All Millburn Community Consolidated School District 24 (“District”) employees

    shall maintain a high level of professionalism and decorum at all times while

    overseeing, supervising, or participating in any manner in any off-campus or

    overnight school activities. All off-campus and overnight school activities are

    subject to prior approval as required by Board Policy 6:240. Off-campus and

    overnight activities include, but are not limited to, field trips, athletic events, and

    fundraising events. Additionally, District employees are prohibited from

    distributing any materials announcing or advertising overnight trips, camps, etc.

    that are sponsored by any organization, individual or entity other than the school

    district unless such announcement or advertisement has been pre-approved by the


    District employees who serve as supervisors, chaperones, sponsors, or who

    participate in any manner in any off-campus or overnight school activities serve as

    role models for the students involved in such activities, and their behavior reflects

    upon the Board. All off-campus and overnight school activities must be conducted

    in a manner that maintains the safety and security of all individuals involved in

    such activities, this includes monitoring and being readily accessible to students at

    all times. District employees are expected to prioritize student health and safety at

    all times, including, but not limited to, consideration of student allergies or

    medical needs. District employees may not be accompanied or joined by a family

    member (unless the District employee’s family member is also a student who is an

    actual participant in the off-campus or overnight activity) or a friend on an off

    campus or overnight trip unless they have pre-approval from the Superintendent.

    District employees remain subject to all Board policies during any off-campus or

    overnight school activities, including but not limited to, Board Policy 5:50, which

    prohibits District employees from distribution, consumption, use, possession, or

    being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance (as defined in that

    policy), and the state prohibition against smoking/vaping.

    Any District Employee engaging in inappropriate behavior, including behavior

    prohibited by law or Board policy, during any off-campus or overnight school

    activity may be subject to discipline up to, and including, termination. In the event

    that any District employee’s action or inaction in violation of any Board policy


    causes or results in any personal injury or damage property, such person may be

    individually liable.

    CROSS REF.: 1:30 (School District Philosophy)

    5:20 (Sexual Harassment)

    5:50 (Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace)

    5: 90 (Abused and Neglected Child Reporting) 5:120 (Ethics)

    5:200 (Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal) 5:230

    (Maintaining Student Discipline)

    5:240 (Suspension)

    5:280 (Duties and Qualifications)

    5:290 (Employment and Termination and Suspensions) 6:70 (Teaching About


    6:80 (Teaching About Controversial Issues)

    6:240 (Field Trips)

    6:250 (Community Resource Persons and Volunteers)

    7:10 (Equal Educational Opportunities)

    7:15 (Student and Family Privacy Rights)

    7:20 (Harassment of Students Prohibited)

    7:130 (Student Rights and Responsibilities)

    ADOPTED: October 28, 2019