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  • Welcome to the AIM website for District 24!  There is a lot of general information about AIM posted here.

     Check out Gifted Information for opportunities for your child and other information.
    NEW!  The Parent Corner debut!  Please click on that section to access  upcoming events and opportunities and some information about certain topics in the Parent Corner. This initial post is about creating a positive year for your gifted child at school.   (posted 10/3/17)
    The AIM Program will have 2.5 teachers this year (2017/2018).  Gail Sinkus will be at Millburn Elementary, Kristin Kao will be at Millburn Middle, and Nancy Stream will teach at the elementary building and coordinate at both schools.    Those students who are in Accelerated Math at the elementary level will have the following teachers:
    3rd grade:  Mrs. Sinkus 
    4th grade:  Mrs. Sinkus 
    5th grade:  Mrs. Stream 

    Mrs. Kao will start middle school enrichment right away as AIM is now part of the student schedule.  For sixth and seventh graders, AIM is on an A/B schedule, so some students will see her on A day and others on B day.  Eighth graders have more choice about when they have AIM, so their schedules will vary.  Mrs. Kao is excited about year two with the AIM program.
    Besides accelerated math, Mrs. Sinkus and Mrs. Stream will be responsible for the AIM reading programs in the elementary school.  (updated 8/23/17)

    Consider joining or making a donation to the Illinois Association for Gifted Children (IAGC).  They are the only organization in the state that supports gifted education at the state and local levels.  They are in need of both financial and direct support from parents of gifted children, educators, and businesses that benefit supporting gifted ed.  The website is            (updated 9/1/15)

    We are fortunate to have fairly easy access to Northwestern's gifted programs.  Getting to Evanston or Palatine does take time, but you may want to consider the enrichment and other programs they offer for your gifted student(s).  Here are some things coming soon:
            Saturday Enrichment Program:  Enrichment for Pre-K through Grade 9 at various locations.  There are a variety.  For more information and/or a brochure, try or 847/491-3782.
           AWE (Awesome Weekend Experience):  This is for middle school aged students grades 5 - 8.  They are not always able or willing to give up many Saturdays, but may be willing to give up one weekend.  For a current list of offerings visit
          Gifted Learning Links offers actual online classes and NUMATS (Northwestern University's Midwest Academic Talent Search) offers above-grade-level testing, academic planning, and many resources.  I can talk to you further about either of these.  Visit to get more details.  (updated 9/1/15)

    Click on any of the links on the left hand side to find out more information about my AIM classes.

    If you have any questions, you can e-mail me by clicking the envelope on the top right of this page.

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