• Protocols and Procedures when a child is quarantining due to COVID


    Millburn Teachers are able to Zoom in with students if the students are at home. Please note that this is only for students that are in quarantine due to COVID-related circumstances (exposure to a positive case or having symptoms).Parents are required to notify the health office FIRST about their child staying home. From there we will notify the teachers. On the day the teacher is notified, the following day will serve as their preparation day for Zooming. The child is then able to Zoom in after the planning day.  

    We have provided asynchronous activities through a choice board on our website until a child is able to Zoom:

    Millburn Elementary>Remote Learning>Pre-Zooming Activities



    • If a parent sends an email over the weekend about their child being sick, the student does not Zoom in on Monday. Monday serves as the notification day, Tuesday is preparation, and the child can Zoom on Wednesday.


    • If a child goes home due to a sibling having symptoms or a family member having COVID, that student can zoom.


    •  If a child is called in with sickness/symptoms not related to COVID, the student WILL NOT be able to Zoom.


    • If a child is called in for a dentist/doctor's appointment, a mental health day, vacation, competitions, etc., the student will NOT be able to Zoom.



    • A student who Zooms in will be marked present for the day. 



    • If you have questions regarding a student just email or call, we are in the Health Office at 7:30 a.m. every morning.


    Zooming in a blended classroom will not be the exact same experience as their in-person peers, but it will allow for them to get exposure to the core lessons that are being taught. SeeSaw and Schoology will still be accessible to those students while they are out.


    • Zoom Session will open up between 7:55-8:05. Since the teacher is also managing in-person arrival, exact times of starting the zoom cannot be made. 
    • Zoom links will be placed in the following locations: K-2 Seesaw, 3-5 Schoology
    • If materials are needed, the teacher will prepare them and arrange for pick-up
    • If a student receives services outside the classroom (special education, interventions, speech, etc) those teachers will send separate Zoom links
    • Specials activities will not be live. Those teachers will provide activities to be done at home on their own.