• Dear Millburn Parents,  

    We are in the process of making specific plans for our fall learning experiences with our students.  We are asking our families to choose between a hybrid in-person learning experience and a completely remote learning experience.  Please read the following information very carefully before filling out the Google Registration Form that is linked at the bottom of this email.  Please fill out one form for each child that will attend school. There is a large amount of information to digest, and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.


    Please understand that choosing a learning environment is an individual family choice and we need to respect ALL decisions.  Parents want what is best for their children! Deciding that it is best for a child to attend in-person learning does not mean that parents don’t care about the safety of their child or the community.  Deciding that it is best for children to stay home and participate in the remote learning environment does not mean that parents don’t care about learning or socialization.  We all want what is best overall for our children, our teachers, and our community, and we are all forced to make some difficult choices.  We were all hoping for a return to a version of school that we knew before COVID-19 showed up in Lake County; that is not the case.  We will focus on what we CAN do for kids and our community!


    We are making every effort to make our in-person learning experience as safe and positive for students as possible.  However, school will NOT be the same as the school we left on March 13th.  We will have a “new normal”.  Safety will be on the forefront of our minds as children populate the building.  The learning pathway of in-person learning is outlined in the attached document along with the remote learning plans.  Keep in mind that this is a dynamic situation and these are the INITIAL plans.  I don’t anticipate drastic changes, but many details are yet to be worked out.  Plans may be adjusted based on the parent responses to the fall learning pathways registration.  Please carefully read through the plans and then fill out the registration form ASAP or by Thursday, July 23rd.


    There are some additional questions and considerations that we are putting together in a FAQ document attached. We will be updating this document frequently.


    Millburn Fall Learning Pathways 

    FAQs - Updated 7/22/20



    Keep in touch and feel free to reach out with questions.


    Dr. Lind