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Wish List

  • When the students Do Their Part they have opportunities to earn DYP tickets.  They then have an chance to "purchase" items with their tickets or enter them in a raffle.  The school is no longer sponsoring The Part Mart Kart, so the students only have an opportunity to get items in their homerooms or various raffles.   Some of the items they have liked buying, and could be used in the classroom, are: 

    Lifesaver Mints (brain mints)- either Peppermint or Wintergreen
    pop (cans - variety)
    water bottles/juice boxes
    pencil grips
    book marks
    mechanical pencils
    lead for mechanical pencils
    gift certificates for Jimanos, Wendy's, etc.

    If I find that they like the other items I have for purchase I will add them to the list as well.

    Other items that can be used in the room are:

    Duct Tape

    Masking Tape

    Magazine Subscriptions to children's magazines (Sports Illustrated for kids is an example)

    Thank you in advance for your generosity!