• Check-In/ Check-Out (CICO) is a tier 2 intervention for students with low-level behaviors. Currently, there are 30 students enrolled in the CICO program. We are excited to be reaching, reteaching, and providing positive feedback to this many students at this point in the year. Reminder: This is not an intervention for the "bad" kids! Students that are enrolled may exhibit:


    • High number of absences and/or tardies
    • Frequent nurse visits
    • Lack of self-confidence
    • Changes in home life (i.e., divorce, death in the family, new sibling, etc.)
    • Moved in to the district after the start of the year
    • Externalizing behaviors
    • increase in behaviors
  • CICO involves the child meeting twice a day with a staff member who has volunteered to serve as a coach. The coach will review the behavior goals and expectations briefly in the morning and give the child a Daily Progress Report (DPR card) to bring to class. (Example below) The teacher will monitor and rate behavior throughout the day on the Daily Progress Report, providing positive and constructive feedback to the child.  The child will then take the Daily Progress Report back to the coach at the end of the day to summarize the day’s events, calculate daily points, and further acknowledge positive behaviors demonstrated during the day. Parents will receive copies of the daily progress reports so they can monitor progress at home and encourage their child as well.
    During the time that students receive this secondary support, they are progress monitored weekly and will transition out when he reaches a determined level of performance
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