Paper Making Quotes - "P. S. You Should Try It!" Lindsea Spiewak

  • Members of the Ecology Club Thoughts on Paper Making

    " I enjoy making crumbled paper into cards and bookmarks. I didn't know saving the environment is so much fun!" - Emily

    "Did you know recycled paper can be turned into a beautiful, peach colored, sparkly paper?"

    "In the Ecology Club, it is so fun to make paper of torn up, thrown out paper." -Rohit

    "Paper pulp is gooey, yucky, and smooshy, but its fun to dip the frame (paper form) in." - Iain

    "I think making paper saves the world. I think it is awesome to recycle paper that is not so pretty but in the end it looks beautiful." -Lindsea

    "It feels really gooey in the paper pulp, but you can make a beautiful piece of paper from this gooey stuff." -Chahna

    "Did you know that one piece of recycle paper can make a blue, green, or pink square of paper with sparkles?" - Anna E.

    "Did you know that paper making is fun because you learn how to do lots of other things." - Charles

    "You can make fun paper not just white when you join the Ecology Club" - Taylor