•      Math is integrated throughout our day in kindergarten.  Every morning we start the day with a question that all kids need to answer.  The questions range from the specific, "Do you have the letter "a" in your name?" to "What is your favorite color apple?"  These questions are answered on a magnet board with all kids placing their name magnet into a graph.  During our morning meeting we analyze the data in the daily graph and learn math vocabulary like greater than, less than, equal to along with other graphing skills.

         During our calendar time we review one to one counting, place value, number coming before and after, number families and so many more counting skills.  Kids also leave kindergarten with a clear understanding of our calendar system (years, seasons, months, days, morning, afternoon, evening) and how that system works.
           Nearly every day of class includes a whole group math lesson.  These lessons include introducing new concepts, extension and higher level thinking activities, games, and connections to literature, science  and other content areas.
         The last time we visit math skills during a day is during our math center time.  Each child visits a different math center each day until they have completed all of the week's activities.  Generally,  Mondays are used to explain the four new centers for the week.  Two days the kids work at an independent center practicing skills they are independent with and two days a week the kids work with either at a teacher lead center to do smaller group instruction.