• The Millburn Band Program was developed to offer children of this district an opportunity to enrich their education and enjoy the experience of music. Through the playing of an instrument, the child will develop self-discipline and at the same time, an appreciation of working together to attain a common goal. The study of an instrument requires the student to read a new language (one of the musical notes); coordinate hands, fingers, and embouchure; physically feel the rhythm; and express this through his/her instrument in an artistic manner. Through participation in the band, the student will build self-confidence, develop a sense of responsibility to the group, and enjoy many worthwhile musical activities. This experience will provide enjoyment, a better understanding of music, a host of memorable experiences and new long-lasting friendships. As the trend toward community band continues to grow in this country, there is the opportunity to play one's instrument for a lifetime.


    Beginning Band (4th/5th) SIGN UP Form

    Concert Band (5th) SIGH UP Form


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