Priority 3: Curriculum Support

  • Millburn District #24 • Fall 2015 Planning
    Priority 2:  Curriculum Support

    Benchmarks for Curriculum Support:

    1) What do we want to accomplish? (New Goal)

    • Stronger curricular development
    • More curricular support for staff
    • Where should curricular oversight come from: Asst. Principal, Teacher Leader, or Curriculum Director 

    2) What should be done to begin?    (Data Needed or Action Steps) 

    • Gap analysis of curriculum to determine holes or the need for development
    • Instructional teaching; differentiation skills
    • Identify the Teacher Leaders

    3) What should we see happening w/in 30-60 days?    (Benchmarks)

    • Collect the current curriculum materials from each grade
    • Provide a needs assessment survey to the staff
    • Determine the curriculum review cycle