Section 8 - Community Relations

  • Community Relations

    Policy 8:10

    Connection with the Community

    The Superintendent is the District’s chief spokesperson and shall plan and implement a District public relations program that will:

    1. Develop community understanding of school operation.

    2. Gather community attitudes and desires for the District.

    3. Secure adequate financial support for a sound educational program.

    4. Help the community feel a more direct responsibility for the quality of education provided by their schools.

    5. Earn the community’s good will, respect, and confidence.

    6. Promote a genuine spirit of cooperation between the school and the community.

    7. Keep the news media provided with accurate information.

    The public relations program should include:

    1. Regular news releases concerning District programs, policies, and activities, that will be sent to the news media.

    2. News conferences and interviews, as requested or needed. Individuals may speak for the District only with prior approval from the Superintendent.

    3. Publications having a high quality of editorial content and effective format. All publications shall identify the District, school, department, or classroom and shall include the name of the Superintendent, the Building Principal, and/or the author and the publication date.

    4. Other efforts that highlight the District’s programs and activities.



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    June 20, 2011