Priority 1: Foreign Language

  • Millburn District #24 • Fall 2015 Planning
    Priority 1:  Foreign Language

    Current Progress - Foreign language:

    1) What did we want to accomplish? (Original Goal)

    • Sustainable foreign language program for K-8

    2) How did we start?   

    • Identified resources (staff, funding, space, etc.)
    • Researched best practices in delivering foreign language
    • Consulted with local HSs regarding foreign language

    3) What did we do?     

    • Determined that Spanish was the priority language to teach as a foreign language
    • Determined that teaching Spanish at the middle school level was a priority
    • Modified the schedule to allow for Spanish to be taught for 1 quarter at the 7th grade level for all students
    • Modified the schedule for student in 8th grade to choose a full year of HS Spanish 1

    4) What did we learn?    

    • It is difficult to prepare student for three separate HS Spanish programs.  Each Program has a unique approach to learning Spanish.  Students enrolling at Warren need to complete a bridge program to get into Honors Spanish II as freshmen.
    • Students can complete HS Spanish in one year with significant effort.
    • Students are about 1 month ahead of HS Spanish 1 after getting a quarter of Spanish in 7th grade compared to the first year. (17/18)
    • Students struggle in Spanish if they struggle in ELA.

    5) How can we monitor the program's success?   

    • Enrollment in the 8th grade program - The program has been maxed out in the first two years. (16/17, 17/18)
    • Enrollment in Spanish 2 at the HS level.
    • Passing grades in Spanish 2 at the HS level.