Background and Process

  • Background and Process

    Millburn Schools have seen significant changes since the last strategic plan was developed in 2011. District 24 has experienced a decline in enrollment, a stabilization of District Finances, continued reduction of state funding, and new rigorous state standards in reading and math. In addition, the district had achieved a majority of the goals set forth in the last strategic plan.  Therefore, the Board of Education decided it was time to reengage the community in a strategic planning process.

    The Millburn School District 24 Strategic Plan for 2015-2020 was developed in partnership with the community during the fall of 2015, and approved by the Board of Education in November of 2015. The school district will strive to achieve the goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan over the next five years. The Strategic Planning document was designed as a guideline for district activities, and it has the ability to be flexible as the educational landscape changes in the next several years. The administration will continue to provide progress updates to the community and Board on a regular basis.