Section 6 - Instruction

  • Instructional Resources

    Policy 6:30

    Library Media Program

    The Superintendent or designee shall manage the District’s library media program to comply with (1) State law and Ill. State Board of Education (ISBE) rule and (2) the following standards:

    1. The program includes an organized collection of resources available to students and staff to supplement classroom instruction, foster reading for pleasure, enhance information literacy, and support research, as appropriate to students of all abilities in the grade levels served.
    2. Financial resources for the program’s resources and supplies are allocated to meet students’ needs.
    3. Students in all grades served have equitable access to library media resources.
    4. The advice of an individual who is qualified according to ISBE rule is sought regarding the overall direction of the program, including the selection and organization of materials, provision of instruction in information and technology literacy, and structuring the work of library paraprofessionals.
    5. Staff members are invited to recommend additions to the collection.
    6. Students may freely select resource center materials as well as receive guided selection of materials appropriate to specific, planned learning experiences.

    LEGAL REF.:        23 Ill.Admin.Code §1.420(o).

    CROSS REF.:          6:60 (Curriculum Content), 6:170 (Title I Programs), 6:210 (Instructional Materials)

    ADOPTED:       June 18, 2018