Test Correction Procedures

  • Test corrections are allowed on almost every test I give in class.  Any student who scores below a 90% on a test is allowed to correct the test.  The following are required for test corrections:
    • Parent/guardian signature on the original test
    • ALL problems missed are completed on a separate sheet of paper showing all work/steps necessary to complete the problems
    • Test corrections are stapled to the original test are returned before the due date.  Due date is typically one week after the tests are returned

    The score earned on the corrections and the original test score are then averaged to determine the new score that is placed in the gradebook.

    Example.  A student earned a 70% on his/her test.  He/she missed 8 problems.  On the corrections, he/she corrected all 8 problems correctly earning a 100%.  The 70 and 100 are averaged; the 85% is entered into the gradebook. 

    Note it is very important that the corrections are done correctly.  If the student above missed 2 problems on the corrections that score would be 75%.  Therefore the average entered in the gradebook is only 72.5%.  This is still better then the 70% originally earned, but not the maximum that could have been achieved had all corrections been done correctly.

    Test corrections are an excellent opportunity to improve a student grade.  Plus it gives the student a chance to better learn the material.  Test corrections will never lower a students original score.