6:80 Teaching about Controversial Issues

  • Curriculum

    Policy 6:80

    Teaching About Controversial Issues

    The Superintendent shall ensure that all school-sponsored presentations and discussions of controversial or sensitive topics in the instructional program, including those made by guest speakers, are:

    • Age-appropriate. Proper decorum, considering the students’ ages, should be followed.
    • Consistent with the curriculum and serve an educational purpose.
    • Informative and present a balanced view.
    • Respectful of the rights and opinions of everyone. Emotional criticisms and hurtful sarcasm should be avoided.
    • Not tolerant of profanity or slander.

    The District specifically reserves its right to stop any school-sponsored activity that it determines violates this policy, is harmful to the District or the students, or violates State or federal law.

    CROSS REF.:         6:40 (Curriculum Development), 6:255 (Assemblies and Ceremonies)

    Adopted:                October 26, 2020