Section 6 - Instruction

  • Curriculum

    Policy 6:665

    Student Social and Emotional Development

    Millburn C. C. School District 24 recognizes that a student’s social and emotional development is a critical component for overall development, academic readiness and school success. Millburn District’s instructional programs shall support the Illinois Learning Standards for social and emotional development.

    Millburn District holds the following components of its instructional programs as priorities for fostering positive social and emotional development.

    1. Early identification and intervention for those students who may be at risk for learning programs associated with social, emotional, or mental health problems.
    2. Referral and assessment in cooperation with the district, through both schoolbased and community supports, for students who exhibit social and emotional difficulties.
    3. Parent, district, and community involvement in promoting learning and social opportunities for the social and emotional growth of the student population.
    4. Professional development and training for personnel in social, emotional, and academic learning.
    5. Practices and strategies for age-appropriate social/emotional development and academic performance.

    Millburn District has administrative procedures and protocols in place that address supportive services, the referral process and linkages with community agencies.


    Children’s Mental Health Act of 2003, 405 ILCS 49/1 et seq.



    January 17, 2005