Section 5 - Personnel

  • Educational Support Personnel

    Policy 5:285

    Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers

    The District shall adhere to State and federal law and regulations requiring a drug and alcohol-testing program for school bus and commercial vehicle drivers. The Superintendent or designee manages a program to implement State and federal law defining the circumstances and procedures for the testing.

     LEGAL REF.: 625 ILCS 5/6-106.1 and 5/6-106.1c.

    49 U.S.C. §31306, Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing (Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991, P.L. 102-143).

    49 C.F.R. Parts 40 (Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs), 382 (Controlled Substance and Alcohol Use and Testing), and 395 (Hours of Service of Drivers).

    CROSS REF.:         4:110 (Transportation), 5:30 (Hiring Process and Criteria), 5:280 (Duties and Qualifications)

    ADOPTED:            June 26, 2017