Section 5 - Personnel

  • Educational Support Personnel

    Policy 5:280

    Duties and Qualifications

    All support staff: (1) must meet qualifications specified in job descriptions, (2) must be able to perform the essential tasks listed and/or assigned, and (3) are subject to School Board policies as they may be changed from time to time at the Board’s sole discretion.

    Paraprofessionals and Teacher Aides
    “Paraprofessionals” and “teacher aides” are noncertificated personnel with instructional duties; the terms are synonymous. Service as a paraprofessional or teacher aide requires a “statement of approval” issued by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), unless the individual holds certification of at least a bachelor’s degree, a professional vocational certificate, is completing an approved clinical experience, and/or is student teaching.

    A paraprofessional or teacher aide in a targeted assistance program that is paid with federal funds under Title, Part A, or in a school-wide program that is supported with such funds, shall hold a “statement of approval,” issued by the ISBE, for this purpose.

    Individuals with only non-instructional duties (e.g., providing technical support for computers, providing personal care services, or performing clerical duties) are not paraprofessionals or teacher aides and the requirements in this section do not apply. In addition, individuals who are completing their clinical experiences and/or student teaching do not need to comply with this section, provided they otherwise qualify for instructional duties under ISBE rules.

    Noncertificated Personnel Working with Students Performing Non-Instructional Duties
    Noncertificated personnel performing non-instructional duties may be used:
    1. For supervising study halls, long distance teaching reception areas used incident to
    instructional programs transmitted by electronic media (e.g., computers, video, and audio)
    detention and discipline areas, and school-sponsored extracurricular activities;
    2. As supervisors, chaperones, or sponsors for non-academic school activities; or
    3. For non-teaching duties not requiring instructional judgment or student evaluation.

    Nothing in this policy prevents a noncertificated person from serving as a guest lecturer or resource person under a certificated teacher’s direction and with the administration’s approval.

    Coaches and Athletic Trainers
    Athletic coaches and trainers shall have the qualifications required by any association in which the School District maintains a membership. The coach for an extracurricular athletic activity sponsored or sanctioned by the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) at or above the ninth grade level must have completed the IHSA’s educational program and competency testing on preventing abuse of performance-enhancing substances. Regardless of whether the athletic activity is governed by an association, the Superintendent or designee shall ensure that each athletic coach: (1) is knowledgeable regarding coaching principles, (2) has first aid training, and (3) is a trained Automated External Defibrillator user according to rules adopted by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Anyone performing athletic training services shall be licensed under the Illinois Athletic Trainers Practice Act, be an athletic trainer aide performing care activities under the on-site supervision of a licensed athletic trainer, or otherwise be qualified to perform athletic trainer activities under State law.

    Bus Drivers
    All school bus drivers must have a valid school bus driver permit. The Superintendent or designee shall inform the Illinois Secretary of State, within 30 days of being informed by a school bus driver, that the bus driver permit holder has been called to active duty. New bus drivers and bus drivers who are returning from a lapse in their employment are subject to the requirements contained in Board policy 5:30,
    Hiring Process and Criteria and Board policy 5:285, Drug and Alcohol Testing for School Bus and Commercial Vehicle Drivers.


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    JANUARY 18, 2011