Star Student

  •  **We will do Star Students in the third trimester**
                                  It’s Star Student Time!
    The time has come for each of our stars to shine! Star Student will allow your child an opportunity to feel special. We will feature him or her for one day. The STAR will be interviewed and we will complete a poster about him/her. Your STAR should be prepared to do the following on their day:
    1.  Bring their photo, which we will post for the day.
    2.  Spell the names of family members; an unframed family photo is
    3.  Be able to tell their birth date and how their name was chosen.
    4.  Describe their favorite food. We will try to guess it.
    5.  Tell us what they like to write about.
    6.  Tell us about, or give a brief 2-minute demonstration, of “what
         they do best” OR bring ONE favorite object to “show and tell” and 
         display for the day. Please do NOT send a breakable or
         irreplaceable item. Others will be asked not to touch the treasure,
         but it will be traveling to and from home.
    If your child misses their day on the schedule, they will usually be moved to the end of the list.
    Thank you for helping your Star Student prepare for their special day.