Section 4 - Operational Services

  • Policy 4:15

    Identity Protection

    The collection, storage, use, and disclosure of social security numbers by the School District shall be consistent with State and federal laws. The goals for managing the District’s collection, storage, use, and disclosure of social security numbers are to:

    1. Limit all activities involving social security numbers to those circumstances that are authorized by State or federal
    2. Protect each social security number collected or maintained by the District from unauthorized disclosure.

    The Superintendent is responsible for ensuring that the District complies with the Identity Protection Act, 5 ILCS 179/. Compliance measures shall include each of the following:

    1. All employees having access to social security numbers in the course of performing their duties shall be trained to protect the confidentiality of social security numbers. Training should include instructions on the proper handling of information containing social security numbers from the time of collection through the destruction of the
    2. Only employees who are required to use or handle information or documents that contain social security numbers shall have access to such information or
    3. Social security numbers requested from an individual shall be provided in a manner that makes the social security number easily redacted if the record is required to be released as part of a public records
    4. When collecting a social security number or upon request by an individual, a statement of the purpose(s) for which the District is collecting and using the social security number shall be provided. The stated reason for collection of the social security number must be relevant to the documented
    5. All employees must be advised of this policy’s existence, and a copy of the policy must be made available to each employee. The policy must also be made available to any member of the public, upon
    6. If this policy is amended, employees will be advised of the existence of the amended policy and a copy of the amended policy will be made available to each

    No District employee shall collect, store, use, or disclose an individual’s social security number unless specifically authorized by the Superintendent. This policy shall not be interpreted as a guarantee of the confidentiality of social security numbers and/or other personal information. The District will use best efforts to comply with this policy, but this policy should not be construed to convey any rights to protection of information not otherwise afforded by law.


    LEGAL REF.:         5 ILCS 179/, Identity Protection Act.

    50 ILCS 205/3, Local Records Act.

    105 ILCS 10/, Illinois School Student Records Act.


    CROSS REF:          2:250 (Access to District Public Records), 5:150 (Personnel Records), 7:340 (Student Records)


    Adopted:                July 27, 2020